Kawasaki Skyfront i-Newsletter

Kawasaki Skyfront i-Newsletter

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2020.03.02 【KAWASUMI LABORATORIES,INC.】Kawasumi Laboratories Inc. starts construction of new R & D center at King Skyfront

2020.02.10 Leading Life Science Clusters of Kawasaki and Munich extend their cooperation agreement: Ceremonial signing of Memorandum of Understanding

2020.01.22 【Kawasaki city】"Startup Ecosystem @Tokyo Consortium" was established

2020.01.10 【Central Institute for Experimental Animals】Japan Medical Research and Development Award
Awarded Minister of Health and Medical Strategy

2019.11.11 JSR to establish the new JSR Bioscience and Informatics R & D Center in Tonomachi, Kawasaki City

2019.11.07 Keio University, Bank of Yokohama and Kawasaki City Institute of Industrial Promotion concluded a memorandum of understanding towards industrial promotion of Kawasaki City

2019.09.20 PeptiDream and JSR Initiate a Joint Development Program to Identify Peptides Applicable to Affinity Chromatography

2019.08.20 AccuRna signs Feasibility Study Agreement with Astellas Innovation Management LLC

2019.06.10 【PeptiDream Inc.】「On line article about Patrick Reid, PeptiDream representative director and president, published in Forbes.」

2019.06.04 【NanoCarrier Co.,Ltd.】「Press release by VBL Therapeutics on “VBL Final Phase 1/2 Study Results Presented at ASCO Demonstrate VB-111 Dose Dependent Increase in Overall Survival and 58% CA-125 Response Rate in Platinum-Resistant Ovarian Cancer”」

2019.06.04 【NanoCarrier Co.,Ltd.】「Press release by VBL Therapeutics on “Radiographic Analysis of VB-111 Phase 2 and 3 Clinical Trials in Recurrent Glioblastoma Shows Survival Benefit Associated with Objective Responses and Distinct Signature of VB-111 Activity”」

2019.04.03 【iCONM/COINS】「COINS SDGs promotion video has been completed.」

2019.03.29 【Braizon Therapeutics,Inc.】「Commencement of U.S.A. Operations at LabCentral in Boston, MA.」

2019.02.18 Keio University, Keio University Hospital

2019.01.15 Shimadzu Corporation will establish a new base for its measurement business in Kawasaki City by December 2020. The convenient location of the base near Haneda Airport is expected to accelerate open innovation.

2018.11.15 Feature article of "In-body hospitals" which is the core theme of iCONM* / COINS was published in Nature.

2018.09.26 GE Healthcare Japan and Daiwa House Industry Collaborate at the Tonomachi Open Innovation Base King SkyFront "District A" to provide a platform to accelerate the practical application of regenerative medicine

2018.09.10 COINS held 35th Seminar at the LiSE, Tonomachi KING SKYFRONT

2018.08.31 Kawasaki City signs a memorandum of mutual cooperation on life sciences for the first time as a municipality with LINK-J

2018.05.30 Kawasaki KING SKYFRONT Tokyu REI Hotel to be opened on 1 June 2018.

2018.03.06 Keio University sets up consultation desk for entrepreneurs at Tonomachi Wellbeing Research Campus

2018.02.15 PeptiDream Announces Initiation of a Molecular Imaging Study in Discovery Alliance with Bristol-Myers Squibb

2018.02.07 The KingSkyFront Networking Council is established

2017.12.19 CYBERDYNE obtained marketing clearance from U.S. FDA for Medical HAL as a medical device.

2017.11.24 Kawasaki City and Munich Biocluster Management Organizations (BioM) sign memorandum of understanding on promoting business exchanges centered on health, medicine, and welfare.

2017.11.02 9 Doctors in Southeast Acquired Minimally Invasive Surgery. Doctors learned VATS and Small-Thoractomy Techniques at Johnson & Johnson.

2017.08.04 Medtronic Innovation Center Japan to be opened at Kawasaki KINGSKYFRONT on 1 September 2017

2017.08.03 Tokyo Institute of Technology and Kawasaki City are Combining Forces in R&D on Computational Drug Discovery for Middle Molecules at Kawasaki KING SKYFRONT

2017.08.01 Notice of Orphan Drug Designation of NC-6004 (biliary tract cancer) by the U.S. FDA

2017.02.21 CYBERDYNE won the Prime Minister’s Award in the third Nippon Venture Awards

2017.02.08 Kazunori Kataoka is elected a foreign member of the National Academy of Engineering (USA), “For pioneering contributions to the design of supramolecular nanostructures and their application to drug and gene delivery systems.”

2017.01.26 Kawasaki's life science research district sale completed: JSR Corporation and Kawasumi Laboratories Inc., succeed in winning the bid

2016.12.15 3rd COINS International Symposium "Towards Smart Health Society - Challenge of Kawasaki based Medical Innovation -"

2016.10.11 Results of a Phase Ib Clinical Study of NC-6004 in the US

2016.09.30 Commencement of investigator-initiated clinical trial of stroke patients using HAL® for Medical Use (Single-Leg Model) ~Step towards the medical device approval and expansion of Cybernic treatment~

2016.09.29 KINGSKYFRONT region is selected as Wellbeing Research Campus

2016.06.29 "PeptiDream Announces Start of Preclinical Testing of Anti-Influenza Candidate PD-001"

2016.06.23 Under the supervision of medical professionals, the manual for proper usage of HAL® for Medical Use (Lower Limb Type) has now been published ~ Commencement of the world’s first insured robotic treatment covered under general public health insurance ~

2016.06.20 Ceremony to commemorate the completion of the Create Medic Research and Development Center

2015.12.24 NanoCarrier Co., Ltd. announces start of phase one clinical trials in Taiwan of drug delivery product for treatment of head and neck cancer.

2015.12.03 Application for national health insurance coverage for HAL for Medical Use (Lower Limb Type) submitted to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

2015.11.26 KINGSKYFRONT area is selected as a ‘feasibility hub’ by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)

2015.11.25 HAL for Medical Use (Lower Limb Type) received approval to be manufactured and sold as a medical device by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

2015.10.13 KINGSKYFRONT concept images updated

2015.09.29 Fujifilm establishes “Cellular Dynamics International Japan” to launch iPSC business for drug discovery support in Tonomachi (Kawasaki, Japan)

2015.09.29 Next Generation Robots Introduced to Haneda Airport Domestic Passenger Terminal! ~HAL® for Labor Support (Lumbar type), Transport Robot, and Cleaning Robot Commence Operations~

2015.09.29 Novel Norovirus Strain Identified by Kawasaki City Institute for Public Health

2015.09.03 Johnson & Johnson K.K.
First Anniversary of Tokyo Science Center, a Training Center for Healthcare Professionals
- The number of visitors from home and abroad exceeds 22,000 -

2015.07.13 Opening Ceremony of Innovation Center of NanoMedicine (iCONM)

2015.06.22 PeptiDream Inc., announces the opening of facilities at KAWASAKI KING SKYFRONT.

2015.06.10 Kazunori Kataoka and colleagues publish paper on ‘chemical surgery’ for cancer treatment.

2015.05.25 Solvay opens research and innovation laboratory at LiSE, KING SKYFRONT.

2015.05.18 Bridge across Tamagawa River to link Haneda Airport to KING SKYFRONT

2015.05.04 Professor Kazunori Kataoka, Tokyo University and the Director, Innovation Center of NanoMedicine(iCONM) received 2015 Gutenberg Research Award.

2015.04.30 Professor Kataoka and colleagues at the COINS(Center of Open Innovation Network for Smart Health) describe their latest findings in the following paper:

2015.03.26 Launch of the Innovation Center of NanoMedicine (iCONM) led by Professor Kazunori Kataoka, at KING SKYFRONT.

2015.03.26 Toshiba Ltd and Kawasaki City develop a rapid and efficient DNA chip technology for simultaneously testing 14 major types of food borne pathogens in less than 90 minutes.

2014.11.15 CYBERDYNE Inc. submitted final application for market clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) ~ the first DeNovo submission by a Japanese company for a “novel” medical device

2014.11.12 HAL received the world-first certificates of an international safety standard as wearable robots for workers and caregivers

2014.11.10 Herbert Lauterbach Award 2014 to Bergmannsheil Bochum for HAL- exoskeleton research

2014.11.04 Fujifilm enters the PET (positron emission tomography) radiopharmaceutical market

2014.10.08 Central Institute for Experimental Animals featured in Nature article

2014.09.30 CYBERDYNE Inc. launched HAL® for Task Support to enter fields of heavy work assistance devices

2014.09.22 Article regarding efficacy of HAL For Medical Use was published in US medical magazine “Neurology”

2014.08.08 FUJIFILM RI Pharma Co., Ltd. and CYBERDYNE Inc announce that they will open facilities at KAWASAKI KING SKYFRONT.

2014.07.01 Johnson & Johnson Opens Tokyo Science Center

2014.06.30 Daiwa House Signs Land Transfer Agreement with Urban Renaissance Agency and Memorandum with Kawasaki Municipal Government

2014.06.23 Professor Kazunori Kataoka of the University of Tokyo and Center of Open Innovation Network for Smart Health (COINS) is selected by Thompson Reuters as a ‘highly cited researcher for 2014’.

2014.06.18 Comprehensive Agreement signed by Kawasaki Municipal Government and CYBERDYNE

2014.06.16 Keio Team to Start World’s First Clinical Trail of New Spinal Injury Treatment

2014.05.27 Central Institute for Experimental Animals Signed Memorandum of Understanding with United Graduate School of Veterinary Sciences, Gifu University