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JSR to establish the new JSR Bioscience and Informatics R & D Center in Tonomachi, Kawasaki City

JSR Corporation (Representative Director and CEO: Eric Johnson / JSR) is pleased to announce the opening of a new research center at King Skyfront, an international strategic base in Tonomachi, Kawasaki City.

The new center will work to create value for the future, and will be set up to promote open innovation in addition to consolidating JSR Group life science technology. In addition, JSR plan to reinforce the new center as a base for informatics in preparation for a digital transformation in the future. In addition, King Skyfront, which is in the Tokyo metropolitan area facing Haneda Airport, is an ideal location for a global base.

The new research center will create new businesses through the following measures

  • 1. Deepening of life science research and social implementation JSR conducts joint research on precision medicine / stem cell biology and cell medicine / microbiota / advanced medical devices with the world's best medical researchers at JSR / Keio University Medical Chemistry Innovation Center.

The new research center will be a hub for research on the microbiota, especially the preparation of live intestinal bacteria, which has recently attracted attention as the cause and treatment of various diseases. Along with informatics and omics analysis*, new research institute will aim for early implementation of results using engineering and automation technologies that JSR has cultivated in the semiconductor materials business.

* Omic analysis: Method for comprehensive analysis of in vivo genomes, transcripts, proteins, metabolites, and clinical information

  • 2. Strengthen R&D on informatics

JSR is focusing on informatics technology in anticipation of digital transformation. The company has set up the Materials Informatics Promotion Office in the company and is working to strengthen R & D capabilities and create new value through digital transformation. In addition, JSR has acquired advanced technology through participation in the IBM Q Network Hub (opened within the Keio University Quantum Computing Center) and collaboration with a pioneering digital transformation company, and JSR is acquiring advanced technology and conducts preliminary predictions of experimental results and material performance. Based on the new research institute, JSR will continue to invigorate its informatics activities and connect digital transformation to value for customers.

  • 3. Incubation to create new businesses

With the speed of change accelerating, creating a new business requires fostering and supporting multiple values created by open innovation and building a new ecosystem. JSR will open new laboratory facilities and offices to partners to support the creation of new businesses and promote their growth.

Outline of the new research institute
Name: JSR Bioscience and Informatics R & D Center (abbreviation: JSR BiRD)
Location: 3-103-9 Tonomachi, Kawasaki ku, Kawasaki city.
Total floor area: approx.6,440 square meters
Scheduled opening: July 2021