Kawasaki Skyfront i-Newsletter

Kawasaki Skyfront i-Newsletter

News and Events

2019.11.11 JSR to establish the new JSR Bioscience and Informatics R & D Center in Tonomachi, Kawasaki City

2019.11.07 Keio University, Bank of Yokohama and Kawasaki City Institute of Industrial Promotion concluded a memorandum of understanding towards industrial promotion of Kawasaki City

2019.09.20 PeptiDream and JSR Initiate a Joint Development Program to Identify Peptides Applicable to Affinity Chromatography

2019.08.20 AccuRna signs Feasibility Study Agreement with Astellas Innovation Management LLC

2019.06.10 【PeptiDream Inc.】「On line article about Patrick Reid, PeptiDream representative director and president, published in Forbes.」

2019.06.04 【NanoCarrier Co.,Ltd.】「Press release by VBL Therapeutics on “VBL Final Phase 1/2 Study Results Presented at ASCO Demonstrate VB-111 Dose Dependent Increase in Overall Survival and 58% CA-125 Response Rate in Platinum-Resistant Ovarian Cancer”」

2019.06.04 【NanoCarrier Co.,Ltd.】「Press release by VBL Therapeutics on “Radiographic Analysis of VB-111 Phase 2 and 3 Clinical Trials in Recurrent Glioblastoma Shows Survival Benefit Associated with Objective Responses and Distinct Signature of VB-111 Activity”」

2019.04.03 【iCONM/COINS】「COINS SDGs promotion video has been completed.」

2019.03.29 【Braizon Therapeutics,Inc.】「Commencement of U.S.A. Operations at LabCentral in Boston, MA.」

2019.02.18 Keio University, Keio University Hospital

2019.01.15 Shimadzu Corporation will establish a new base for its measurement business in Kawasaki City by December 2020. The convenient location of the base near Haneda Airport is expected to accelerate open innovation.