Kawasaki Skyfront i-Newsletter

Kawasaki Skyfront i-Newsletter

News and Events

2015.12.24 NanoCarrier Co., Ltd. announces start of phase one clinical trials in Taiwan of drug delivery product for treatment of head and neck cancer.

2015.12.03 Application for national health insurance coverage for HAL for Medical Use (Lower Limb Type) submitted to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

2015.11.26 KINGSKYFRONT area is selected as a ‘feasibility hub’ by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)

2015.11.25 HAL for Medical Use (Lower Limb Type) received approval to be manufactured and sold as a medical device by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

2015.10.13 KINGSKYFRONT concept images updated

2015.09.29 Fujifilm establishes “Cellular Dynamics International Japan” to launch iPSC business for drug discovery support in Tonomachi (Kawasaki, Japan)

2015.09.29 Next Generation Robots Introduced to Haneda Airport Domestic Passenger Terminal! ~HAL® for Labor Support (Lumbar type), Transport Robot, and Cleaning Robot Commence Operations~

2015.09.29 Novel Norovirus Strain Identified by Kawasaki City Institute for Public Health

2015.09.03 Johnson & Johnson K.K.
First Anniversary of Tokyo Science Center, a Training Center for Healthcare Professionals
- The number of visitors from home and abroad exceeds 22,000 -

2015.07.13 Opening Ceremony of Innovation Center of NanoMedicine (iCONM)

2015.06.22 PeptiDream Inc., announces the opening of facilities at KAWASAKI KING SKYFRONT.

2015.06.10 Kazunori Kataoka and colleagues publish paper on ‘chemical surgery’ for cancer treatment.

2015.05.25 Solvay opens research and innovation laboratory at LiSE, KING SKYFRONT.

2015.05.18 Bridge across Tamagawa River to link Haneda Airport to KING SKYFRONT

2015.05.04 Professor Kazunori Kataoka, Tokyo University and the Director, Innovation Center of NanoMedicine(iCONM) received 2015 Gutenberg Research Award.

2015.04.30 Professor Kataoka and colleagues at the COINS(Center of Open Innovation Network for Smart Health) describe their latest findings in the following paper:

2015.03.26 Launch of the Innovation Center of NanoMedicine (iCONM) led by Professor Kazunori Kataoka, at KING SKYFRONT.

2015.03.26 Toshiba Ltd and Kawasaki City develop a rapid and efficient DNA chip technology for simultaneously testing 14 major types of food borne pathogens in less than 90 minutes.