Kawasaki Skyfront i-Newsletter

Kawasaki Skyfront i-Newsletter

What is King Skyfront

“The Kawasaki INnovation Gateway SKYFRONT is the first important step in establishing the Tonomachi area of Kawasaki City as Asia’s Silicon Valley”

The Kawasaki INnovation Gateway (KING) SKYFRONT is the flagship science and technology innovation hub of Kawasaki City. KING SKYFRONT is a 40 hectare area located in the Tonomachi area of the Keihin Industrial Region that spans Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture and Tokyo International Airport (also often referred to as Haneda Airport).

KING SKYFRONT was launched in 2013 as a base for scholars, industrialists and government administrators to work together to devise real life solutions to global issues in the life sciences and environment.

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KING SKYFRONT, International Strategic Zone

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