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Shimadzu Corporation will establish a new base for its measurement business in Kawasaki City by December 2020. The convenient location of the base near Haneda Airport is expected to accelerate open innovation.

In December 2020 Shimadzu Corporation will establish a new base to develop analytical applied technologies and offer solutions to customers at the "King Sky Front" (Tonomachi area) that was set up to creates new industries in the life sciences and environmental fields. The tentative name of the new base if Shimadzu Tokyo Innovation Plaza and preparations for construction work started on the site at the end of 2018 last year, and construction will commence in January 2019.

Kawasaki City's "King Sky Front" aims to create new industries from world-class research and development, centering on health, medicine and welfare, and environmental fields, that are expected to grow globally. Already nearly 70 companies, national research institutes, universities and others have announced their entry into this area. It is located in "Kawasaki-ku Tonomachi area" opposite the Tama River adjacent to 24-hour Haneda airport, which is a 10-minute drive from the airport.

Shimadzu Corporation has the "Basic Technology Research Institute" (Seika Town, Kyoto Prefecture) that carries out fundamental research, and a new development building "Healthcare R & D Center" aimed at product development in the healthcare is based in the Sanjo factory and scheduled to be completed in February 2019. The "Shimadzu Tokyo Innovation Plaza" makes good use of its location, and together with domestic and foreign customers and neighboring research institutes, will develop advanced analytical methods and provide solutions, promote joint research, and well as holding international academic meetings, conferences and seminars. The Plaza will aim to be a space for creation of new knowledge and exchange of ideas.

"King" comes from the initials of "Kawasaki INnovation Gateway" and the place name of "Tonomachi". "SkyFront" represents the location in front of Haneda Airport and the fact that this area is connected to the world.

Outline of the new base "Shimadzu Tokyo Innovation Plaza"
1) Name "Shimadzu Tokyo Innovation Plaza (tentative name)"
2) Location, Kanagawa prefecture, Kawasaki city, Kawasaki ku, Tonomachi.
3) Building 4th Floor (Lease)
4) Total floor area 9549 square meters
5) Construction scheduled to start in January 2019, scheduled to be completed in December 2020
(Scheduled to be opened in April 2021)