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【KAWASUMI LABORATORIES,INC.】Kawasumi Laboratories Inc. starts construction of new R & D center at King Skyfront

Kawasumi Laboratories Inc. has started construction of its new R&D base at the King Skyfront on land that had already been secured for its relocation. The company is also planning to relocate its headquarters functions to the new base.

1. Overview of new R & D base
The R & D base currently located in the Mie Plant in Oita Prefecture will be relocated to King Skyfront, which is easily accessible from Japan and overseas.

① Location: 3-25 Tonomachi, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa
② Area: Land 3,971.15m2 / Total floor 6,392.7m2 (Steel frame 4 stories above ground)
③ Construction cost: approximately 3 billion yen
④ Future schedule: Start construction in March 2020/Completion in April 2021/ Operation in October 2021

The development of new products is underway with the cooperation and guidance of many external parties, including leading doctors, co-development companies, and cooperating companies. It is expected that the cooperation will be further strengthened at the convenient new base.

King Skyfront is already an area where many medical companies, research institutes, universities, etc, are located. Exchanges with neighboring companies is expected to lead to the revitalization of R & D activities. By relocating to the Tokyo metropolitan area, Kawasumi Laboratories Inc will secure excellent human resources and aims to advance as a research and development company.

2.Transfer of head office functions to new base
In order to realize management with a sense of speed, Kawasumi Laboratories Inc will consolidate the functions of its headquarters currently located at Shinagawa headquarters into the new base.