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Comprehensive Agreement signed by Kawasaki Municipal Government and CYBERDYNE

On June 18, 2014, CYBERDYNE, Inc. has signed a comprehensive agreement with the municipal government of Kawasaki City-located in the National Strategic Special Zone- which is promoting life and welfare innovation. By mutually utilizing intellectual, physical and human resources, the company and Kawasaki City will work together to devise solutions to global issues associated with health, medical care, and welfare facing mankind, to drive national economic growth, and to promote citizens’ quality of life.

This is the CYBERDYNE’s first comprehensive agreement concluded with a municipal government in Japan.

[Areas of collaboration]

  • (1) Introduction of robotic technologies to the areas of health, medical care and welfare in order to promote well-being
  • (2) Promotion of development of excellent services and products in collaboration with companies and universities
  • (3) Creation of the advanced medical industry, which is the centerpiece of Japan’s national growth strategy

[Main initiatives]

  • Active introduction of robotic technologies including HAL, a robot suit, to medical care, nursing care, work sites for further improvement of the technologies
    • HAL will be lent to medical institutions and welfare service providers and its use monitored.
  • Promotion of collaboration with local businesses to develop nursing care/medical devices
    • Activities through the Welfare Innovation Forum
    • Participation in matching programs carried out by the Institute of Industrial Promotion Kawasaki
      → Participation in “Open Innovation Matching” to be held on July 10, 2014
  • Creation of the advanced medical industry with the world’s most advanced cybernics technology of CYBERDYNE playing a central role, while taking advantage of deregulation applicable to the National Strategic Special Zone
    • Consideration of approaches to accelerate development of nursing care/medical devices by taking advantage of the National Strategic Special Zone System