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Kawasaki's life science research district sale completed: JSR Corporation and Kawasumi Laboratories Inc., succeed in winning the bid

JSR won the bid 730 million yen for 3100 square meters of land, and Kawasumi Laboratories Inc. bid one billion yen for 4000 square meters. Both pieces of land are located to the south of Tonomachi district, Kawasaki City.

JSR will construct research facilities to develop pharmaceuticals for diagnosing cancer and immunotherapy. The building will have 4 floors and a total floor area of 1880 square meters. These facilities are expected to be a strategic research base in expanding the company’s business in life sciences.

Kawasumi Laboratories Inc will construct 3 to 4 floored facilities over an area of 4000 to 5000 square meters. The company will transfer functions from their facilities in Oita and Mie and relocate them in this area within the next two years. The company plans to accelerate the development of new products that bring together state-of-the-art medical knowledge such as blood purification, blood transfusion, and endovascular treatment.

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