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The followings are our projects that have been carried out to contribute to the activation and development of the cluster function of KING SKYFRONT.

01Cluster promotion

We plan and coordinate to revitalize the region, which will lead to the creation of new businesses, such as attracting and managing large-scale projects and mutual exchanges between companies located at KING SKYFRONT.

02Interdisciplinary exchange / industry-academia-government and citizen matching

We provide a place where people can “connect” by conducting on-site/online activities. For example, a science cafe (also called Tonomachi cafe) is a small seminar where participants from different industries and fields can exchange their opinions and various information such as needs and knowledge after seminar session.

03Wide-area networking

We carry out such activities as visitors’ support, information exchange, support for joint research and matching with domestic / overseas R&D bases (ex. LINK-J (Nihonbashi), Bio-M (Germany) and companies interested in KING SKYFRONT).

04Strategic promotion

We hold exhibitions and events, operate websites, and disseminate information over publishing e-newsletters and publications.

Strategic development to form a world-class life science cluster

01Collaboration within KING SKYFRONT

・Form communities in the area and build networks
・Develop partnerships between companies, academia, and financial institutions

02Collaboration with neighboring cities

・Companies, universities and organizations related to Shinkawasaki, Ota-ku, Nihonbashi area (LINK-J), Yokohama Suehiro word, Fujisawa (Shonan iPark), Tsukuba and Kanto area, etc.

03Collaboration with domestic area

・KOBE Biomedical Innovation Cluster, Keihanna Science City, and Chubu area, etc.

04Overseas exchange/collaboration

・Collaboration with overseas.
(Ex.) Europe (Germany BioM), United States (Boston / Silicon Valley), and Singapore.