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    The 37th Tonomachi Café online version Questionnaire Form

    Event detail is from here.

    Please fill out the inquiry form and click the "Confirm" button.

    Please check that all the details are correct.

    1.Where did you find out about this Tonomachi Cafe?(Multiple answers allowed)
    1-2. If you answered ⑤E-mail newsletter in 1, please indicate where the e-mail newsletter came from.
    1-3. If you answered ⑥SNS in 1, please enter which SNS.
    1-4. If you answered ⑦Other in 1, please fill in.
    2.Please tell us about your motivation for participating in Tonomachi Cafe.(Multiple answers allowed)
    2-2. If you answered ⑥ Other in 2, please enter the reason.
    3.Please tell us about this main lecture.
    3-2. Please enter if you have any reason.
    4.Please tell us about this company introduction lecture.
    4-2. Please enter if you have any reason.
    5. What kind of theme / lecturer would you like to have in the future?
    Do you have any other requests? Please feel free to fill in.