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The Kawasaki Institute of Industrial Promotion (after this, KIIP) has set up the “TONOMACHI LifeScience Cluster Division” since the second fiscal year of Reiwa for operating the cluster, “KING SKYFRONT,” located in Tonomachi, Kawasaki-ku. The Division website (after this, “this site”) is operated and managed by the Division as part of a business aimed at making KING SKYFRONT the world-class life science base that takes flight from Kawasaki into the world.

About the use of personal information

Regarding personal information acquired in this site and the business related to the activities of the Division, we will appropriately manage by following the Personal Information Protection Law, other laws or regulations, and the personal information protection policy of KIIP. Besides, we will use it only to provide information in the future and within the scope related to the service of the Division. We will also never offer it to a third party without the consent of the information provider.