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The “Website of TONOMACHI LifeScience Cluster Division (after this, this site)” is operated by the TONOMACHI LifeScience Cluster Division (after this, Division), the Kawasaki Institute of Industrial Promotion (after this, KIIP), a public service corporation. Please read the following terms of use before using this site and use it only if you agree to these terms. Using this site is considered to have agreed to the following conditions. The following conditions are subject to change without notice. If this condition is changed, you will have to follow the changed terms. Your understanding is requested beforehand.

1. About Copyright

The copyright for all content on this site belongs to the Division except in exceptional notice. You can not duplicate, divert, modify, transmit to the public, sold, etc. beyond the scope of private use, etc. stipulated by law without permission.

2. About a Trademark

The Division and other institutions own the trademark, logo, and trade name used in this site. You can not use them without the prior clearance of the Division and other organizations unless permitted by trademark law or other laws.

3. Disclaimer

Although the Divisions have posted the contents of this site with the utmost care, we do not guarantee any integrity, usefulness, or certainty. The Division may suspend or discontinue the operation of this site and modify, change, or delete the posted contents without notice; however, we are not responsible for any damage caused by them. Also, we are not responsible for any accidents, data damage, or loss caused by using this site on the hardware and software of the user or a third party.

4. Handling of Personal information

The Division shall handle the personal information acquired in this site and each business in the Division following the Division’s “privacy policy.”

5. About Link

Linking to this site is liberty, in principle, irrespective of for-profit and non-profit. However, We will refuse links from the following websites; (1) the ones that may damage the credibility and dignity of the Division, such as sites that are offensive to public order and morals, (2) the ones may cause damage or disadvantage to the Division, (3) the ones that infringe copyrights, trademark rights, portrait rights, and other rights, (4) the ones that the Division deems inappropriate for any other reason. If you have linked to this site, please let us know from the inquiry page of this site.

6. About Applicable law

This site policy is interpreted and applied under the laws of Japan.